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The Walking Dead's Daryl tweeted my animation!

2011-12-21 01:27:26 by ManNSmkyRoom

The actor Norman Reedus who plays Daryl Dixon posted one of my animations on his twitter! Kinda cool, thought I would share!

Drawing with a mouse, blah!

2011-11-09 01:41:28 by ManNSmkyRoom

It's so time consuming to get things the way I want them. So, I was drawing my characters on paper, then taking a picture and then tracing in flash. It was kinda hard to see all the details, so I picked up a DSi and started drawing with it then uploading and tracing in flash. Damn, I want a tablet!!!

Mouth job 4 tablet? Anyone want a mouth job? Anyone?

Drawing with a mouse, blah!

How do you guys do it?

2011-11-02 00:20:04 by ManNSmkyRoom

Been looking at ways so I can post my flash animations on Youtube... I can export to avi and it works fine. Problem is I started using a vcam. Tried some free converters...didn't work out...tried one screen capture software...didn't work for me. So how do you post your animations to YT?

Just wanted to throw it out there. Happy Halloween!

My Halloween Spookfest Submission!!!

2011-10-17 16:36:43 by ManNSmkyRoom

Yeah, it's only my second animation and you will probably love it, so check it out! Have a unsafe and deadly Halloween!

"Insert evil"

Harold & Edna in "Castle Confusion"

I am so ready for Halloween!